Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 3

 My Parents.

My Parents are two people who complete each other, and compliment each other so well, and do the best that they can to make sure that thier children go through life living thier dreams, and growing up the exact way that we want. My dreams are bigger than this world, and my parents have never told be that I couldn't do it. Not once.

Jacinta "Mama" Fan- Let's start off by saying you aren't the one who teaches me much by discipline. You rarely yell, to to my head. Mostly because we don't take each other seriously. That may seem bad to parents or any one else who reads this, but you and me know that I tell more to a best friend who I will tell to a screaming mom. You have the perfect balance of mom, that I can joke around and tell my secrets to, and mom  that will be there for her daughter. We but heads from time to time, just like anyone else does. Usually though, we just tell each other how we feel, and move on like nothing happened. You taught me how to enjoy the simple things in life and to enjoy every second that I live. I couldn't choose a better family to be brought up in. You tell me stories of Nonna and Pappap, and Italy, and all of my cousins, and I think to myself that we are the luckiest people on Earth to have hundreds and hundreds of cousins, and aunts and uncles who love us. I know that everything that I've been through made me Independent, but whenever I need someone to lean on you're there. I'm sure that I'll be a grown women who still comes and tells you everything and follows you around the house talking about things that you don't even want to know. That's just the kind of relationship we've built for eachother, and it feels good to know that there's always someone there to listen. Thank you, I love you.

Derrick "PAPA" Fan- My relationship with you, and my relationship with mom, are to completely different kinds. We argue, fight, disagree, scream and tell each other things that we don't mean all of the time. Sometimes we make each other so mad that I'm sure we just think that it's not even worth it to talk to each other. But, I think everyone who has ever seen us, and the way we act know, that the reasons that we do this is because I'm purely your child. That's all there is to it. I grow up, and notice more and more everyday that we have the same hands. and the same feet. The same mouths, ears, nose, eye shape, hair, and body types. We have the same temper, attitude, and the same look on life. We're here to live, and we don't let anyone get in our way. You taught me to be a leader, and always keep my head up and have pride. Some of the most important things I know come from you. You tell me everyday that I'm going to be someone so important one day, that I'll be someone who will never be forgotten. That's kept me going for fourteen years of my life. Even though I don't remember Grandpa, I know that you and him are just like each other. And that's why I'm not so sad all of the time because as hard as I try, the only memory I have of him was him at his worst, kissing him goodbye while he lay in a bed before he passed. It doesn't make me sad, because I know that he taught you everything you know, and now you're passing it down to me. So, as much as we fight, and disagree, I know that it's because we're the same stubborn kind of people and that we love eachother. Thank you, I love you.

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