Friday, April 22, 2011

Facebook joy and trouble

FB.. faceBook .GREACE NICOLE. first time i am make it. i feel nothing special there. just friend...just make a friiend and sufr more people with the diffrent culture and diffrent thing...i make it just for FUN.. dont know y..lastly this is what i got. , love , friendship , everything .. funny.. for me..they are very mean to be.. Honestly , i happy with themm. they let me know about everything .. love..everything...i swear i happy.. no wonder la i always online on time n sleep lately every new life will begin again soon .. i hope i will learn something new from there.. friend. i have to make it myself.. yess..i have to.. what i want is peace.. no disturd and annoy pple there..that can crash my brain... no no no..i cannot live like this..haha..i waas talkin yeahh...just MEROYAN here.. let's talk bout FB again.. but behind the joy, the sorrow also there. Difficult to imagine, there was a sense of regret after the acquaintance with my friends in this facebook. Day by day, a friend who is expected to fill the leisure time away .. feel sad when they are getting away from us. Day after day, there is only a good story is sad or happy :)  :(   .i miss my all friend in facebook before....they are GILA2 with me..but now.. nothing.. they are quiet busy.. some of them have to work study and whatevver.. I MISS THEM a lot .. :'(

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